Recent books and papers and other representative works



Pricing the Priceless: A History of Environmental Economics, Cambridge University Press, 2023.

Impact of in utero airborne lead exposure on long-run adult socio-economic outcomes: a population analysis using U.S. survey and administrative data,” PLOS ONE, 2023.

Distribution and Disputation: Net Benefits, Equity, and Public Decision Making,” Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 2023.

The Value of Statistical Life: A Meta-analysis of Meta-analyses,” Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 2022.
This paper synthesis US government agencies’ VSL meta-analyses.  Please contact me to obtain STATA code that easily allows users to adjust subjective weights, discount rates, and income elasticities.

Valuing New Product and Policy Characteristics using a Simple Linear Program,” May 2023.

Nonparametric Tests of the Tragedy of the Commons,” April 2023, under review (with Y. Liu, F. Asche, and M. Smith).

Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff,” March 2019 (with K. Mangum).

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